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I'm new to this dart stuff and having problems with creating a list with file names from a directory. The example code makes sense but doesn't work and provides no error messages.

I'm really not enjoying how Dart complicates simple tasks.

var flist = new List();
Process.run('cmd', ['/c', 'dir *.txt /b']).then((ProcessResult results) {

i know it's way off.. how do i go about this without having to call any outside voids.. i'd like to keep my code in the 'main' function.

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You might find this answer useful. It shows how to use the Directory object to list contents of a directory: How do I list the contents of a directory with Dart?

Looks like you're trying to find all files in a directory that end in *.txt. You could do this:

import 'dart:io';

main() {
  var dir = new Directory('some directory');
  var contents = dir.listSync();
  var textFiles = contents.filter((f) => f.name.endsWith('.txt'));
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