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For the following HTML

    Enter hash here: <input type="text" name="hash">
       <button type="submit" formaction="/tasks/">Retrieve Url</button>

How can I re-direct the user to /tasks/A where A = whatever the user typed in the "hash" <input> box?


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Take a look at this post will help.

It do exactly the same thing you want with example.

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You'd need to either prevent the submit's default action (event.preventDefault();), or change the button from type="submit" to type="button", then use JavaScript to set the form's action. Here's some jQuery that could do the job for you:

$('button').click(function() {
    //set the form action
    $('form').attr('action', '/tasks/'+$('input[type="text"]').val())
    //submit the form

See a working example at

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You could use a temporary post and redirect. For example:

header("Location:/tasks/" . $_POST['hash']);

Or if you want you could use AJAX to collect the value and then redirecting without the refresh.

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