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Here is a link: http://jsfiddle.net/6VRxE/11/

I have a fixed size text box, which I would like to dynamically change the text, text size, and padding so that the text would fit inside a rectangle and be vertically aligned.

 var messageText = new Kinetic.Text({
      x: .25*stage.getWidth(),
      y: .25*stage.getHeight(), 
      width: .5*stage.getWidth(),
      height: .5*stage.getHeight(),
      fontSize: 10,
      fontFamily: 'Lucida Grande',
      text: 'Hello, click to continue',
      align: 'center',
      textFill: '#006400',
      stroke: 'gray',
      draggable: true,
      fill: 'white',

I'd like to change the text with an event or function like so:

      messageText.setPadding(messageText.getHeight()/5); //this was one possibility to do some alignment but doesn't work great

Does anyone have a good solution to calculate text size dependent on length?

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jsfiddle.net/6VRxE/12 this got me a little closer –  EliteOctagon Jan 15 '13 at 2:24
jsfiddle.net/6VRxE/25 not quite there yet –  EliteOctagon Jan 15 '13 at 4:03
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