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How does one say that their C program should accept a file list?

For example my program blah should accept hello.txt by the following call in the console:

blah hello.txt

I am not sure how to parse an argument and label it as a filepath (getopt doesn't talk about this).

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Please go back over your previously asked questions and set them to answered (if possible) – Lee Taylor Jan 15 '13 at 2:30
Are you sure that hello.txt is going to be in the same directory as the running directory of blah or maybe a user inputs a file stored in a directory not the same as the working directory like this: blah blahFolder\bla\hello.txt? – Theocharis K. Jan 15 '13 at 2:56
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getopt() permutes argv[] so that all the non-options are shuffled to the end, so you simply call getopt() to parse all the options and then loop through argv[optind] up to argv[argc]. Those should be your file names, of course you need to check that those files actually exist, etc. C has no primitives for files. Here is some documentation about getopt().

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Simply parse the argument, and do an open() on path, which is the argument itself, i.e., hello.txt in your case.

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