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I am using a select withing an insert to add a previous record value. This requires me to do the following code:

insert into My_table 
values ('a', select value_with_sp_char from table where criterion_to_guarantee_single_row=true), 'b','c')

Now whenever the value_with_sp_char has a character like _,&,%,.,comma,- the query fails.

Any ideas on how I can get that value inserted correctly?

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please provide table schema, error message, etc. – OldProgrammer Jan 15 '13 at 2:51
This is not valid SQL. – OldProgrammer Jan 15 '13 at 2:55

Yes, you are right, I solved this.

I was not entirely truthful in the way I have represented this question.

I was trying to add the value to a variable like so

    lv_txt_var varchar2(255) := '';
    select value_with_sp_char into lv_txt_var from table where criterion_to_guarantee_single_row=true;
if (input_param = null)
    insert into table values ('a', lv_txt_var, 'b', 'c');
end if;

when I used the above query, that failed because of the special char. However, when I modified this to use the select query, it worked.

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You really don't need PL/SQL for this insert. It's better to write it this way:

SELECT 'a', value_with_sp_char, 'b', 'c'
FROM   table_b
WHERE  criterion_to_guarantee_single_row = true;
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