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In EXTJS PIE Chart i want to sort top 10 values and display in Descending order.

Currently it gets all records from store and displays. I need only top 10.

Can anyone guide me to solve this issue?


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I do not think it's' pie charts' job to show top 10 values. you should provide a process that will transofrm the original store in what you really need. A plugin that replaces the original store might be an ideea.

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You can try sorting and filtering the store. I manipulated example code in ExtJS docs and figured, that data is displayed by given order. Maybe if you apply sorter to store you might get desired effect. As for filtering: find min value of top ten values and apply filter that leaves only values above it. Might work, but I haven't tried it.

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Hi Dawid, Thanks for your reply. here i m getting value from JSON data and displaying percentage of the amount in pie chart. Percentage of amount will be display in descending order range from Top 10. – TDG Jan 16 '13 at 3:28

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