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I've been attending quite a few interviews recently and have been asked by companies to answer "design a [insert model]" questions more than a few times (Ex: Design a car reservation system)

  1. Is this normal in the industry nowadays? I've been in the software world for more than two decades and have attended my share of interviews, but I am seeing this pattern in interviews emerge only recently.

  2. I felt that the question was very open ended. For example: I was asked to draw a class diagram to "Design a parking lot". I am not sure what level of detail the interviewer is expecting. This was in an online test where I was expected to attach a visio diagram, so I couldn't ask them what their expectations were.

  3. Do you use these kind of questions in your interview process? Are they related to only class diagrams or do you also ask sequence, flowcharts and ERDs (ofcourse based on the nature of the position) Have they been effective in your hiring process?

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  1. Yes, this is one of the interview strategies used, but it is far from new. Maybe it has come back in vogue recently (or you happen to have been interviewed recently.)

  2. The problem is that interviewing is sadly more art than science and unfortunately interviewers have different levels of competence. So there is no set level of detail for the expectations. My strategy is to do the best I can within the time frame specified while providing a complete answer. Sometimes the questions cannot be answered satisfactorily within the time frame and I'll add comments to me response.

  3. Class diagrams are the most commonly used along with ERD for database design. Do I use them yes and no.

    • It is depressing how many incompetent would be programmers aspire for a position in the trade. The wean out these candidates early I'll ask a very simple algorithmic question (reverse a linked list is a good litmus test for competence.)
    • It is also depressing how many people have only ever written code within a programming framework (i.e. filled in the blanks in wizard generated classes of say simple .Net MVC websites.) So I may ask a candidate to provide a high level class diagram of a project they have worked on.
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