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This is my code:

    public String addPerson(String userID, String surName, String givenName,String 
password,String email){
    //create user state
    String state = "0";
    String userName;
    String userPrincipalName;

    userName = String.format("%s%s", surName, givenName);
    userPrincipalName = String.format("%s@%s", userID, domainName);

    Attribute objectClass = new BasicAttribute("objectClass");

    Attributes attributes = new BasicAttributes();
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("sn",surName));
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("cn",userID));
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("displayName",userName));
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("givenName",givenName));
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("mail",email));
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("description",userName));
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("userPassword",password));
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("userPrincipalName", userPrincipalName)); 
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("sAMAccountName", userID));
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("msRTCSIP-InternetAccessEnabled", true)); 
    attributes.put(new BasicAttribute("userAccountControl", 65536));

        currentContextName = "CN=" + userID + "," + currentContextName;
        System.out.println("addPerson-currentContextName:" + currentContextName);
        currentCtx = ctx.createSubcontext(currentContextName, attributes);
    catch (NamingException e)
        state = "-1"; 

    return state;

The attribute "msRTCSIP-InternetAccessEnabled" and "userAccountControl" isn't working, How do I fix this?

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For "userAccountControl" this attribute contains flags, as explained in this Microsoft article you need to conbine it with other flags (Ex : NORMAL_ACCOUNT)

"msRTCSIP-InternetAccessEnabled" comes from Live Communications Server 2005 or upper, have you got this product installed ? have a look to you schema.

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