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I'm developping an app, and i need to store the product's barcode,so i need to read them. I'v been reading other posts about what should i do to read a barcode without having to install BarcodeScanner. I saw the post:

"The complete source code is available from the ZXing project. You want to build core.jar from core/ and put it in your Android lib/ folder to include the core decoder in your app. You do not want to include javase. You can look to the code in android/ as it is the source to Barcode Scanner, but as the authors we'd suggest you not just copy and paste it."

But,I am beginning at Android and don't know HOW exactly to do what it describes. Could someone be a little more specific how i do that?

Sorry if it is a stupid question.

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This link might be helpful for you


It explains very well the whole process. If you have any doubt please let me know. Best regards.

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Whats posted in this link doesnt work with the jar. Its because the path of the intent is absent in the jar file.

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i recomend this page

use zxing

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