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I'm trying to solve a problem and I was hoping I could do it with Selenium Grid but I'm not entirely sure that it's possible. Here's my problem...I'm developing test cases using Selenium WebDriver and I need my tests to run on a Windows machine however the AUT runs on a Linux server. I have several tools that only run on Linux and I would like to be able to run some commands/tests on the Windows machine and others in the Linux server. For instance

  1. Test Starts -> Firefox launches (Windows machine)
  2. Login to site (Windows machine)
  3. Run command in Linux server
  4. Return running commands/tests on the Windows box.

Alternatively I could figure out how to run those commands remotely from a Windows machine but I'm not looking forward to doing that.

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Out of the box, you cannot use selenium to run commands on your local machine. Selenium/Webdriver is a browser testing tool and can interact only with browser.

Updated Answer based on your comments
Common part to both ways (which I think you already know) In your java code you should have the code for webdriver/selenium commands that will do step 1 and 2. Your java code should also the contain the logic/code to execute the linux commands as step 3. Step 4 should again be your webdriver command.
This test code should run from the linux server so that the java command execution will happen in the linux box.

Now the only pending part is the execution of test in remote machine.

Method 1 without using grid

Start the selenium server in the windows machine. Point your java tests to the selenium server running in this machine. If your windows machine IP is, you should initialize the webdriver object as

WebDriver wd =  new RemoteWebDriver(new URL(""),DesiredCapabilities.Firefox());

This will send all your webdriver commands to the selenium server running in on port 4444. Your tests will then get executed in the windows machine. For this to work, your linux server and windows machine should be in same network.

Method 2 using grid.

Its all the same as above, but instead of giving the ip/dns name of windows machine, you should give the ip/dns name of the hub machine. You should also have windows machine registered as an RC to that hub.

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Sorry let me clarify. I'm writing my tests using Java so I would use Java to run the system commands that I need. In particular these commands would be other software to feed in data to my application. – so cal cheesehead Jan 15 '13 at 16:48
Oh ok. So its like you want to run a selenium command on windows from your java program as step 1. Step 2 would be run a java command on your local box from where test is running (linux). Am I right? – A.J Jan 15 '13 at 17:12
Yes that's right – so cal cheesehead Jan 15 '13 at 17:27
Ok. Then its very well possible to do this I think. There are couple of ways to do this. I will update my answer shortly with the details. – A.J Jan 15 '13 at 18:12
Great thank you. – so cal cheesehead Jan 15 '13 at 18:50

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