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package xxx.yyy;

public class ParentClass {
    protected void doPrint(){

package aaa.bbb;

import cathy.inner.ParentClass;

public class Child extends ParentClass {        
    public void getName(){

A client in package aaa.bbb can not uses new Child().doPrint(). But if child override the then client can use new Child().doPrint(). It seems strange to me because during override we can't change the access modifier to more restrictive, but is this case inherited method seems private.

Why this is implemented in such a manner ?

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It defining a new method but it just for a sample. – GBX Jan 15 '13 at 5:04
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Super class method's access modifier is protected and it states method would be accessible with in class, package and subclass.

So it is not accessible in subclass's package.

when you override that particular method in subclass with protected access modifier then it would accessible as protected methods are accessible under same package.

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Protected will allow only child classes to access methods... Its not a strange its one type of restriction which java have...

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