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I am beginner in phonegap. I have developed native apps in phonegap android. now this apps is only static, I want creat update button on my apps when i will clicked on update button then my webservice will called and this data stored locally in apps means in the local database.

Thanking you

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A simple example that I personally like can be found here: http://coenraets.org/blog/2011/10/sample-application-with-jquery-mobile-and-phonegap/. It works with PHP / MySQL web server

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It doesn't work. Any other useful example? –  AniDroid Feb 14 at 7:13

A quick-and easy way is to call the service using AJAX, and you can use HTML5's localStorage to store the data.

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You can use the following lines of code to call the Web Service in PhoneGap:-

  $.post( url, { user_id:userID,password:password} , function( data ) {

                                                                /*Your Code*/     
                                                                /*Your Code*/  

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