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I'm working on some components in XE2. Is it possible to have more than the component's unit added to the uses clause of the form it's dropped on?

Example: When I choose the TCustomComponent from a package I've built and installed the unit CustomComponent is added to the form's uses clause. I would like to also add the unit GlobalConstants.

Does anyone know if this can be done?

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Create a design-time package for your component (if you do not already have one) and create a class in it that implements the ISelectionEditor interface (the easiest way is to derive from the TSelectionEditor class) and overrides its virtual RequiresUnits() method to list any additional units you want to appear in the uses clause for your component. Then have your component's Register() function register that class by calling RegisterSelectionEditor().

Indy 10 does exactly this for its TIdTCPServer, TIdCmdTCPClient, and TIdUDPServer components to make sure the IdContext and IdSocketHandle units get added to uses clauses. Look at the IdCoreSelectionEditors.pas and IdRegisterCore.pas units to see how Indy uses this.

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