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when i try opening I get

500 There is no web application configured to service your request There is no web application configured to service your request

when i try opening

I GET THE same error

Kindly guide me to solution.

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I second divo. This is about as vague as it gets. Have you set up coldfusion server? How about IIS? –  Jason Sep 16 '09 at 14:40
does it mean I have to reinstall the CF- server? –  vas Sep 16 '09 at 14:49
I am getting J-run Servelet error on the Mozilla web page. –  vas Sep 16 '09 at 14:54
What OS? Can you confirm that ColdFusion is running? –  Terry Ryan Sep 16 '09 at 15:34
WINDOWS xp IS THE operation system.... –  vas Sep 16 '09 at 16:25
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It means the server did not fully start. The JRun container started and was able to accept an HTTP Request via its internal webserver port, but then the ColdFusion Server inside JRun was not fully deployed or not deployed at all.

The startup events in /path/to/coldfusion8/runtime/logs/coldfusion-event.log and /path/to/coldfusion8/logs/server.log will contain details about what failed during ColdFusion startup.

You will probably not make sense of the events as they are usually somewhat cryptic. Please post log contents for further diagnosis.

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i am using CFMX –  vas Sep 17 '09 at 3:02
That is irrelevant. (And CFMX is not a version. ColdFusion MX 6, or 6.1, or 7 is a version) –  Steven Erat Sep 18 '09 at 1:43
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