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right join versus left join

is there any need of RIGHT join, bacause we can achieve the same result using LEFT join by just altering the table name

i have two tables Persons and Orders

P_Id    LastName    FirstName   Address City
1   Hansen  Ola Timoteivn 10    Sandnes
2   Svendson    Tove    Borgvn 23   Sandnes
3   Pettersen   Kari    Storgt 20   Stavanger


O_Id    OrderNo P_Id
1   77895   3
2   44678   3
3   22456   1
4   24562   1
5   34764   15

and i have a query for left join as:

SELECT Persons.LastName, Persons.FirstName, Orders.OrderNo
FROM Persons
ON Persons.P_Id=Orders.P_Id
ORDER BY Persons.LastName

and with right join:

SELECT Persons.LastName, Persons.FirstName, Orders.OrderNo
FROM Orders
ON Orders.P_Id=Persons.P_Id
ORDER BY Persons.LastName

both gives the same result.

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left and right joins are only easily interchangeable in the way you suggest if only two tables are involved in the query. Otherwise the changes may need to be more extensive –  Martin Smith Jan 15 '13 at 11:50

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Both versions exist for convenience. Only one would be necessary, as you say.

However, sometimes a large query would have to be changed quite a bit if there were only one (RIGHT or LEFT) and you wanted to add a non-inner join to the query without changing it much.

With both as an option, it's usually easy to work a non-inner join into a pre-existing query without too much other reworking of the query.

At least that's the only time I find myself writing a RIGHT JOIN: when I already have a query and need to add in a non-inner join and making it a LEFT JOIN would cause me to rework the query more than I want to.

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so is it only for user convenience. becuase some of databases like sqlite doesn't support RIGHT OUTER JOIN. –  prakash Jan 15 '13 at 7:41
That's my understanding, yes. –  DWright Jan 15 '13 at 7:55

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