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Is there a built-in Go logger that can roll a log file when it reaches a file size limit?


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No, there is no built-in in logger that currently has this feature.
log4go, which you will find recommended when searching, is currently broken. has some issues, that lead to messages getting lost (in case the main program exits and some messages are still in the channelbuffer before being written).
this is present in most if not all the examples.

see also this question

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Right. I tried to create one, but somehow calling Truncate() on the object returned by os.Open() wouldn't work. So, as a work-around I just reopened the file with O_TRUNC flag. Thanks. – Noypi Gilas Jan 21 '13 at 2:40

Above the syslog package, which probably is not what you really want, no such thing is in the standard library.

From the 3rd party packages, for example log4go claims to have this feature.

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