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I have a class AwesomeMousePointer that has some function to start playing animations on the mouse:

class AwesomeMousePointer{
void startAnimat();
void stopAnimat();

I have another object to which I have given the responsibility of figuring out whether the mouse anims should start or not (this is based on the internal hit testing on the object, for eg: if the mouse is inside the object for a specific time)

class SomeShape(){
Event<MouseArgs> startAnim
Event<bool> interrutptAnim
bool hitTest(int x, int y);

//Inside some loop function, check if the mouse is inside the object
if(hitTest(mouseXPos, mouseYPos)){
//if the mouse if inside for x time
NotiftyEvent(startAnim, MouseArgs);
//mouse left the object
NotifyEvent(interruptAnim, false);

Now, again inside my AwesomeMousePointer, I'll add listeners for the events i.e

AddListener(SomeShape::startAnim, &AwesomeMousePointer::startAnim);
AddListener(SomeShape::interruptAnim, &AweseommousePointer::interruptAnim);

The single event system by using NotifyEvent and AddListener are working correctly in short different example I tried. Now inside this application of mine, I have a lot of the objects of SomeShape and a single AwesomeMousePointer. My question is if the above logic for the anims will work or should I explicitly pass the SomeShape object explicitly to subscribe to their events, in which things would become a bit difficult.

For eg:

AddListener(shapeObject1.startAnim, &AwesomeMousePointer::startAnimat);
AddListener(shapeObject2.startAnim, &AwesomeMousePointer::startAnimat);
AddListener(shapeObject3.startAnim, &AwesomeMousePointer::startAnimat);


AddListener(SomeShape::startAnim, &AwesomeMousePointer::startAnimat);

Will the second one from the above work out? If not, how will that be done without explicitly passing the object since that makes the unclear and ShapeObjects shouldn't be inside the MousePointer.

Will this work if I make the events inside SomeShape as static?

static Event<MouseArgs> startAnim
static Event<bool> interrutptAnim
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what's your Event class, what does AddListener do? –  Philipp Jan 15 '13 at 7:51
@Philipp: I am using Poco framework to use the Event and AddListener which here looks quite similar to C#. Event and AddLister are basically interited classes from Poco::Event and Poco::delegate –  user1240679 Jan 15 '13 at 7:57

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You say that you don't want to have coupling between the senders and targets. In this case, usage of Poco events is not appropriate. According to http://pocoproject.org/slides/090-NotificationsEvents.pdf, you should use Notifications instead of Events, because your senders and targets do not need to know each other then.

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