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I have a transaction style table in Access 2007. For example

ID Start Date   End Date    Type        Sub Type
1  1/01/2012    15/02/2012  Supermarket Bread
1  16/02/2012   20/03/2012  Supermarket Milk 
1  21/03/2012   30/09/2012  Supermarket Cheese
1  1/11/2012    15/11/2013  Hardware    Nails

Want I need to do is transform this into this:

ID Start Date   End Date    Type        
1  1/01/2012    30/09/2012  Supermarket
1  1/11/2012    15/11/2013  Hardware

A single record per ID with the start date from the first 'supermarket' record through to the last 'supermarket' record.

Appreciate any suggestions/help with if this is possible in Access.

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It looks like you want an aggregate query which groups by ID and Type. You can then use Min() and Max() to retrieve the earliest Start Date and the latest End Date within each group.

    Min([Start Date]) AS start_date,
    Max([End Date]) AS end_date
FROM YourTable
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