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Out of curiosity I was trying to print the static final int SIZE field from any classes that have it. To get "any classes that have it" I just tried to get all classes. But I noticed that it always returns a length 0 array.

The doc says

This method returns an array of length 0 if this Class object has no public member classes or interfaces. This method also returns an array of length 0 if this Class object represents a primitive type, an array class, or void

But Object is not listed as a primitive. Is Object somehow considered void then?

So, how do I
- Get an array of all classes?
- Why does this not work for Object?

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What have you tried? Provide us example of your code attempts. –  Andremoniy Jan 15 '13 at 7:27

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The getClasses() method returns an array of all inner classes (classes that are declared inside the body) of the class object this method is called on. For most classes, this will always be zero. It is never the union of all classes available. Take a look at class loaders - in Java there is no method that simply yields all available classes. You need to use a specific class loader that provides this information.

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