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I'm doing some string manipulation and I'm very bad at regular expression. I have some string like:


I want to replace everything before the last forward slash by a blank and get only "itmda5wagvmtttwr". Does anyone know how to do this with regular expressions?

Updated - Actually I'm doing this in xml.

        let $url :=data($item//a[@class="fk-anchor-link"]/@href)
        let $temp :=fn:substring-before($url, "?")
    let $temp2 :=fn:replace()

In url I will get string as


And using fn:substring-before($url, "?") I have taken everything before ? and in temp I'm getting,


Now I want to replace everything before last "/" and get only "itmd9gjfprgdt8d8" in temp2

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Split it with /, then take the last element. –  halfelf Jan 15 '13 at 7:44

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You could search for


which gives you all non-slash characters adjacent to the end of the string.

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You could use the -after-equivalent of fn_substring-before: http://www.xqueryfunctions.com/xq/functx_substring-after-last.html

let $temp :=fn:substring-after-last(fn:substring-before($url, "?"), "/")

No need for regex :)

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Thank you sir :) –  user1785585 Jan 21 '13 at 11:29

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