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I'm trying to take out a 128bit key from shellcode. I have compiled shellcode as a C code within an array which is like

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
char code[] = "\x31\xC0\x50\x68\x75\x70\x25\x75\x68\x23\x78\x27\x78\x68\x25\x74\x72\x20\x68\x79\x24\x73\x77\x68\x71\x72\x77\x76\x68\x20\x25\x22\x70\x68\x23\x78\x75\x27\x68\x75\x20\x23\x75\x68\x76\x72\x79\x79\x68\x20\x70\x72\x73\x68\x71\x71\x24\x25\x68\x79\x27\x76\x77\x68\x24\x77\x71\x72\x68\x27\x79\x70\x70\x68\x74\x24\x24\x75\x68\x79\x73\x23\x23\x68\x74\x22\x75\x79\x68\x23\x74\x70\x27\x68\x20\x74\x24\x79\x68\x74\x77\x24\x78\x68\x25\x27\x70\x75\x68\x74\x77\x74\x78\x68\x23\x23\x71\x76\x68\x77\x70\x73\x71\x68\x27\x20\x77\x24\x68\x22\x72\x78\x75\x68\x25\x72\x79\x77\x68\x23\x75\x79\x76\x68\x72\x71\x72\x24\x68\x71\x23\x23\x79\x68\x79\x23\x79\x70\x68\x20\x20\x76\x77\x54\x5E\x8B\xFE\x8B\xD7\xFC\xB9\x80\x00\x00\x00\xBB\x41\x00\x00\x00\x31\xC0\x50\xAC\x33\xC3\xAA\xE2\xFA\x54\x5E\xCC";
int main(int argc, char **argv)
int (*func)();
func = (int (*)()) code;

when I compiled it using GCC under linux. After disassembling it using GDB, as the shellcode located within code array;

(gdb) disas &code
Dump of assembler code for function code:
   0x0000000000600840 <+0>: xor    %eax,%eax
   0x0000000000600842 <+2>: push   %rax
   0x0000000000600843 <+3>: pushq  $0x75257075
   0x0000000000600848 <+8>: pushq  $0x78277823
   0x000000000060084d <+13>:    pushq  $0x20727425
   0x0000000000600852 <+18>:    pushq  $0x77732479
   0x0000000000600857 <+23>:    pushq  $0x76777271
   0x000000000060085c <+28>:    pushq  $0x70222520
   0x0000000000600861 <+33>:    pushq  $0x27757823
   0x0000000000600866 <+38>:    pushq  $0x75232075
   0x000000000060086b <+43>:    pushq  $0x79797276
   0x0000000000600870 <+48>:    pushq  $0x73727020
   0x0000000000600875 <+53>:    pushq  $0x25247171
   0x000000000060087a <+58>:    pushq  $0x77762779
   0x000000000060087f <+63>:    pushq  $0x72717724
   0x0000000000600884 <+68>:    pushq  $0x70707927
   0x0000000000600889 <+73>:    pushq  $0x75242474
   0x000000000060088e <+78>:    pushq  $0x23237379
   0x0000000000600893 <+83>:    pushq  $0x79752274
   0x0000000000600898 <+88>:    pushq  $0x27707423
   0x000000000060089d <+93>:    pushq  $0x79247420
   0x00000000006008a2 <+98>:    pushq  $0x78247774
   0x00000000006008a7 <+103>:   pushq  $0x75702725
   0x00000000006008ac <+108>:   pushq  $0x78747774
   0x00000000006008b1 <+113>:   pushq  $0x76712323
   0x00000000006008b6 <+118>:   pushq  $0x71737077
   0x00000000006008bb <+123>:   pushq  $0x24772027
   0x00000000006008c0 <+128>:   pushq  $0x75787222
   0x00000000006008c5 <+133>:   pushq  $0x77797225
   0x00000000006008ca <+138>:   pushq  $0x76797523
   0x00000000006008cf <+143>:   pushq  $0x24727172
   0x00000000006008d4 <+148>:   pushq  $0x79232371
   0x00000000006008d9 <+153>:   pushq  $0x70792379
   0x00000000006008de <+158>:   pushq  $0x77762020
   0x00000000006008e3 <+163>:   push   %rsp
   0x00000000006008e4 <+164>:   pop    %rsi
   0x00000000006008e5 <+165>:   mov    %esi,%edi
   0x00000000006008e7 <+167>:   mov    %edi,%edx
   0x00000000006008e9 <+169>:   cld    
   0x00000000006008ea <+170>:   mov    $0x80,%ecx
   0x00000000006008ef <+175>:   mov    $0x41,%ebx
   0x00000000006008f4 <+180>:   xor    %eax,%eax
   0x00000000006008f6 <+182>:   push   %rax
   0x00000000006008f7 <+183>:   lods   %ds:(%rsi),%al
   0x00000000006008f8 <+184>:   xor    %ebx,%eax
   0x00000000006008fa <+186>:   stos   %al,%es:(%rdi)
   0x00000000006008fb <+187>:   loop   0x6008f7 <code+183>
   0x00000000006008fd <+189>:   push   %rsp
   0x00000000006008fe <+190>:   pop    %rsi
   0x00000000006008ff <+191>:   int3   
   0x0000000000600900 <+192>:   add    %al,(%rax)
End of assembler dump.

Looking at disassembly 128bit key will be calculated after loop instructions at 6008fb. I'm not very comfortable with GDB. How can I obtain 128bit key out of this shellcode I suspect I need to put a pointer to right after loop and view content ? But I don't know how to do it. Thank you very much in advance ...

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If you can successfully run this code, it will stop at the int3 instruction at the end. At that point you'll have the decrypted string in memory starting at rsp+8 (which is the same as rsi+8). You can print it from gdb by x/s $rsp+8, for example. The +8 comes from the push %rax at 0x6008f6.

Note that this code seems to be wrongly ported 32 bit code. All the pushq instructions will store the immediate constant given in the instruction followed by 4 zero bytes. Decrypting that will result in every 4 letters coming out as AAAA (and only getting half of the key). The mov %esi,%edi at 0x6008e5 will zero the top bits of rdi so the code will only work if the stack is in the first 4GB of the address space (which it normally isn't on a 64 bit system).

Furthermore the code assumes it's on the stack, but your C wrapper puts it in the data section. In any case, you will need execute permissions too.

Alternatively, since this code does nothing beyond XOR-ing the values by 0x41 you can easily do that by hand, remembering that x86 is little endian so the constants printed in the disassembly have to be byte-swapped.

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