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I want to fade 3 or more statements out and in, indefinitely. Here is the code:

    <div class= "background">
    <div id="one">This is the first statement</div>
    <div id="two">This is the second statement</div>
    <div id="third">You get the point</div>

I worded the question wrong: I want #two to replace #one and #three to replace #two and #one to replace #three so on. And yeah i did look all over the place. Geez sorry for needing help.

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Something like this?

var k = ["#one","#two","#third"]
var cnt = 0;
if(cnt ==3){cnt = 0;}    

Demo here :

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You can use fadeIn() and fadeOut() one after the other (jQuery's animation queue will make the second one wait until the first is done) with a completion function on the last one that starts the whole process over again like this:

function fadeForever(sel) {
    $(sel).fadeOut().fadeIn(function() {

fadeForever("#one, #two, #three");

Or, if you want the whole background div to fade, you can just use:


You can, of course, add a timing argument to the fadeOut() and fadeIn() if you want to control the fade time.

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I want one div to replace another. Not all three to fade in and out together. I understand how I was confusing. Thanks a lot for trying. I appreciate it. – Squirrl Jan 15 '13 at 8:19
@Niko - unclear original question then. Must sleep, can't work on your question now. – jfriend00 Jan 15 '13 at 8:22
Ok. Thanks anyways man. – Squirrl Jan 15 '13 at 8:23


EDIT: I updated my jsbin to better match your example...

I had a fade class to your divs, just for convenience:

<div class= "background">
      <div class="fade">This is the first statement</div>
      <div class="fade">This is the second statement</div>
      <div class="fade">You get the point</div>

With the following CSS class:

.fade {
   position: absolute;
   display: none;

And finally the javascript code:

var j = 0,
    n = ('.fade').length;

function change() {  
    $('.fade:visible').fadeOut(1000, function() {
    j = j + 1;

setInterval(change, 2000);
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