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I made new document type in umbraco.then made some node by this document type in content. i will set up a new search index so found this code that Setting up a new search index.

@* Get the search term from query string *@
@{var searchTerm = Request.QueryString["search"];}
@{var results = ExamineManager.Instance.Search(searchTerm, true); }

but i do not know how to limited this code that can search only in my document type.

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There are couple of steps for this.

You will have to:

  • Create a ISearchCriteria object;
  • Create an search expression from the criteria object, including the docType alias as a field to be searched;
  • Search using the expression.

This can be coded as:

var criteria = ExamineManager.Instance.CreateSearchCriteria();

var expression = criteria.Field("nodeTypeAlias", "yourDocTypeAlias")
                         .Field("nodeName", searchTerm);

var results = ExamineManager.Instance.Search(expression.Compile());

This is possible because when Umbraco publishes a node, it saves the node's docType alias to the search index.

There is more Examine documentation here. I would also recommend downloading Luke which is a standalone tool that will allow you to look inside an index so you can see what is actually stored by Umbraco.

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