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I generate request to a certain API which is mentioned here for sending an sms

The request generates an XML response as follow

 <rsp stat="ok">

 <success msg="accepted" transactionid="2e47fe224d25559a696a7bdddec1828b" messageid="cf0d21f067e5b386a2e042134687eb5c"/>


I want to read if rsp stat in response is ok or fail how can i do it .

These are the first two lines how can i get particular xml tag out of response stream

 HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)myReq.GetResponse();

 Stream content = response.GetResponseStream();
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i think you can use regular expression to parse particular data from response xml – Forhad Jan 15 '13 at 9:08
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Why not use XmlDocument to parse the XML. For example,

using(var reader = new StreamReader(content))
   var doc = new XmlDocument();
   // you may want to compare case in-sensitive
   if (doc.DocumentElement.Attributes["stat"].Value == "ok") 
       // success

(There is also Load method that would load from stream directly but I am not sure if it expects xml declaration at the beginning or not)

Yet another alternative is using XmlReader in case response could be lengthy and you wants to parse the initial bits as soon as its available.

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