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I have a backbone collection which is setup to fetch results (events in my case) from a URL and then perform a little bit of data manipulation on the response in a parse method. When there are results provided by the api (as follows), the fetch is successful and everything behaves as expected.

  events: [
   { event1... },
   { event2... },

However, when the resultset is empty (as follows), the fetch runs its error function instead of the success call, and never seems to execute my parse method at all.

  events: []

Is this behaving as expected? As in, should backbone be throwing the error when there are 0 results, and if so, is there any way of fixing this?

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Sounds odd. Is the returned JSON valid? Is the http return code 200? What is the errorText and error of the error callback arguments? – jevakallio Jan 15 '13 at 10:11
Thanks that seems to have resolved it. It turns out the API was returning 500 when there was no results. I didn't think to check (I didn't build it). – Jonny Heavey Jan 15 '13 at 11:49
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This error was being triggered by the APIs HTTP response code (500). As a result, Backbone was behaving correctly.

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