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In the Text Options panel of the AWS CloudSearch console you are able to add stopwords, stems and synonyms to the search index via text field inputs. I am able to upload 471 stopwords, but not one more. When I try, the upload times out and the following javascript error is reported:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Error' of null in cs.201212282103.js

I am assuming I have hit a limit. Is this documented anywhere? I also have a very large set of synonyms that I was hoping to upload. Is there a limit for synonyms? Is there another method to upload stopwords, stems and synonyms - for example an API?

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Yes, there is limits and you can check it on

Stemming dictionary size
The maximum size of a Amazon CloudSearch stemming dictionary is 500 KB.

Stopwords dictionary size
The maximum size of a Amazon CloudSearch stopwords dictionary is 10 KB.

Synonym dictionary size
The maximum size of a Amazon CloudSearch synonym dictionary is 100 KB.

But I'm not confirming that you have a limit problem, I'm just answering the other questions. Like you pointed might be a temporary problem with the console.

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