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This is my setup:

  • Eclipse Juno
  • Maven project
  • Maven Tomcat plugin
  • Project with debug configuration: "Goals: tomcat:run"

If I debug my application it runs perfectly on


But I want to add extra data on that server that should be reachable on


Where can I add that data directory? And do I have to add it in some properties file to act as a virtual host?

I tried adding in these directories, but both without success:


Thanks for any help, Frank

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Your app context-root is /app, which in Tomcat is the name of your war by default. Tomcat will map the content under your /src/main/webapp folder into the /app context root of your Tomcat instance. You will need to deploy another module named data.war so it maps to http://localhost:8080/data.

Alternatively, if you want it to be the same module, you can set the server root as the context root of your app, editing server.xml in Tomcat config:

<Context path="" docBase="webapps/app" debug="0" reloadable="true">  

And then having your folder structure in the app like this:

-->Content of your original app, mapped to http://localhost:8080/app
-->Content of data, mapped to http://localhost:8080/data
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