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I am implementing a design where my layer would sit between client and server, and whatever objects i get from server, i would wrap it in a transparent proxy and give to the client, that way i can keep a track of what changed in the object, so when saving it back, i would only send changed information.

I looked at castle dynamic proxy, linfu, although they can generate a proxy type, but they cant take existing objects and wrap them instead.

Wondering if its possible to do with these frameworks, or if there any other frameworks that enable this...

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Castle Dynamic Proxy 3.x or later can do that, although you have to keep in mind that it can only intercept virtual methods so it's not a perfect abstraction.

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The relevant methods end with "WithTarget" on the ProxyGenerator class, e.g. CreateClassProxyTypeWithTarget –  Nathan Feb 12 '14 at 23:19

We use stateless entities, and due to a behaviour of ASP.NET GridView I needed to create a proxy which would only wrap existing object.

I created an interceptor which keeps a target instance this way:

public class ForwardingInterceptor : IInterceptor
    private object target;

    private Type type;

    public ForwardingInterceptor(Type type, object target)
        this.target = target;

    public void Intercept(IInvocation invocation)
        invocation.ReturnValue = invocation.Method.Invoke(this.target, invocation.Arguments);

Then you can simply create the wrapper proxy:

this.proxyGenerator.CreateClassProxy(type, new ForwardingInterceptor(type, target));
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