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I have the following data

ProductId Description cost
12        test        0.0

12        test        8.8

12        test        7.9

27        asdf        9.0
27        asdf        2.0
27        asdf        2.0

I want the following result

12  test 0.0 / test8.8/test 7.9
27  asdf 9.0/asdf 2.0/ asdf 2.0

so far i could only come up with this ..can someone point me in the right direction

Thank you so much

var n = from c in query
             group new {c}
             by new
              into g

              select new{
                                    Products=(g.Key.prodescription) +        g.Key.cost.ToString()),
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var groups = from result in query
             group result by new { result.ProductId } into g
             select g;

foreach(var group in groups) {
    Console.Write("{0}: ", group.Key.ProductId);
    Console.WriteLine(String.Join("/", group.Select(p => String.Format("{0}, {1:0.0}", p.Description, p.Cost)).ToArray()));

Even better would be to provide an implementation of Product.ToString along the lines of

public override ToString() {
    return String.Format("{0}, {1:0.0}", this.Description, this.Cost);

and replace the Console.WriteLine above by

Console.WriteLine(String.Join("/", group.Select(p => p.ToString()).ToArray()));
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thank you so much Jason for your reply.....that really helped me ... –  smithani1 Sep 16 '09 at 17:16

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