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What I am trying

On Save or Delete of my form a simple notification is poped-up to user

What I have done

events :{
    '#save-button click' : 'onSaveBUttonClick',
    '#delete-button click' : 'onDeleteButtonClick'

onDeleteButtonClick = function(){

    //popup appears to confirm delete
        alert("project deleted"); 

onSaveBUttonClick = function(){

    //popup appears to confirm delete
        alert("project Saved"); 

The problem

I click on the delete button and say , select , cancel. Here the model.on('sync') is bound to the model.

Now when I click save , and confirm , the model.on('sync') is called twice (one bound by delete button and one bound by save button).

So I am getting 2 pop-ups Project deleted first and project saved after it.

How can I avoid this?

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You can use the success options in and model.destroy

destroy model.destroy([options])
Destroys the model on the server by delegating an HTTP DELETE request to Backbone.sync. Returns a jqXHR object, or false if the model isNew. Accepts success and error callbacks in the options hash.

save[attributes], [options])
save accepts success and error callbacks in the options hash.

Your methods could look like

onDeleteButtonClick = function(){
        success: function() {
            alert("project deleted"); 

onSaveBUttonClick = function(){, {
        success: function() {
            alert("project saved"); 
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cool , thanks alot :) – Nishant Jani Jan 15 '13 at 11:11

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