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I'm have a problem loading a site. Using this code:

        type: "POST",
        //url: '@Url.Action("/TellFriendPopup")',
        url: '/Property/TellFriendPopup',

        data: { "SenderName": SenderName, "senderMail": senderMail, "receiverMail": receiverMail, "comments": comments, "urlLink": urlLink, "subjectId": subjectId },
    success: function (data) {
        $("#result").html("<ul><li>Name: " + data.nameret + "</li><li>Email: " + data.emailret + "</li><li>Message: " + data.messageret + "</li></ul>");


The problem is that I had to move the code to a JavaScript file, instead of the MVC4 View, where i could use the @Url.Action method. But it is not working in JavaScript. It Just gives me this error POST http://localhost:54717/Property/ContactPopup 404 (Not Found). The reason as I can see is that it's the Globalization that it's missing. Because the url should look like this http://localhost:54717/da/Property/ContactPopup or http://localhost:54717/en/Property/ContactPopup

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Why can you add /da/Property/ContactPopup in ajax call –  Sahal Jan 15 '13 at 10:34
Because if the language is english. the string is /en/Property/ContactPopup instead. –  mortenstarck Jan 15 '13 at 10:36

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Can you try changing this: url: '/Property/TellFriendPopup',

to this url: '../Property/TellFriendPopup',

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You could get the first folder of the pathname. As long as that is where the language code is on every page.

var language = location.pathname.split("/")[1];

url: language + '/Property/TellFriendPopup'
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You can have language in hidden field.

var language = document.getElementById('language`).value;

url: '/' + language + '/Property/TellFriendPopup'
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