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I'm tring to override CreateLabels to insert labels or text in specific points in plotter chart but I need a help in: 1. what does the parameter (ITicksInfo<double> ticksInfo) mean and what should I send to it 2. how to use the return value to add labels to already defined Axis like _stringaxis.LabelProvider

or if there is simpler way to add text in a point please tell,

Many thanks.

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Just found the easiest way to add a nice label inside the chart.

CenteredTextMarker label = new CenteredTextMarker();
        label.Text = text;
//just dawing a line with one dot tall in the same position you want the label to be 

                                 new PenDescription(ComponentName));

and I'm Hiding the legend and build a customized one my self by doing

plotter.LegendVisible = false;
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