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Could you tell me how I would write a regular expression for the string below in ant? I have a property called typeSplitFirstPart. I want to insert a couple of values after the property typeSplitFirstPart which can either be Product_A or Product_PD or Product_CD (see below).


Currently I have this, but it is not working.

   <replaceregexp file="x" flags="s" match="([^\.]*)\$\{typeSplitFirstPart:\*?\}([^\.]*)" replace="$HELLOEVERYONE\2"/>
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These are pure regex pattern assuming * is any character but semicolon ([^;])

First part is mandatory, at least one product is mandatory, and product can't be empty:


First part is mandatory, products are optional but not empty:


First part is mandatory, products are optional and they can be empty:


Just note that the group starting with ?: is not returning anything for optimization.

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Thanks. But i need to retrieve the ant property represented by typeSplitFirstPart which might be product A product CD etc. So i need to know how i would write this property variable in the regex code. usually to refer you say ${typeSplitFirstPart} however if i escape this using back slash still it doesnt work. if i just escape the $ with a backslash then it recognizes and gets the variable value but presents an error java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException. Would you know how this is solved? –  CodeGeek123 Jan 15 '13 at 16:33

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