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I’m using cakephp 1.3 with mysql database and engine is MYISAM, I’m getting problem in relationships. I have two tables name Organization and OrgClasses, these two are associated with mbo_studio_id which is common in both table.

Id(PK), name, mbo_studio_id

id(PK), name,date, mbo_studio_id

I’m trying to fetch data on the condition of mbo_studio_id, but it adds another condition by primary key of OrgClasses.

var $belongsTo = array(

    'OrgClass' => array(
        'className' => 'OrgClass',
        'foreignKey' => 'mbo_studio_id',
        'conditions' => array('OrgClass.mbo_studio_id' => 'Organization.mbo_studio_id'),
        'order' => ' DESC',
        'dependent' => false,

I get following query

SELECT `Organization`.`id`, `Organization`.`name, `Organization`.`mbo_studio_id`, `OrgClass`.` id`,`OrgClass`.`mbo_studio_id`, `OrgClass`.`name`, `OrgClass`.`date`
FROM `organizations` AS `Organization` 
LEFT JOIN `org_classes` AS `OrgClass` ON (`Organization`.`mbo_studio_id` = `OrgClass`.`id` AND `OrgClass`.`mbo_studio_id` = Organization.mbo_studio_id) 

Here I don’t want Organization.mbo_studio_id = condition in query.


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Then you need to set foreignKey to false:

 'foreignKey' => false,

This way it will only use your custom conditions.

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Thanks for reminding I forgot to mark foreignKey false. – Moyed Ansari Jan 15 '13 at 12:04

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