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I'm currently looking at migrating an existing system (written in spaghetti PHP) over to rails. The problem is, it has to run off of a live database. A lot of the ID columns on these different tables aren't named id. For instance, the customers table has an ID column called Customer_ID. Upon looking, I just realised that rails does infact seem to find by the primary key instead of a specific column called id.

Will I face a lot of problems later with the naming of these ID columns, specifically in stuff like relationships?

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After v2.3.8, set_primary_key :col_name is deprecated.

self.primary_key = 'col_name' is recommended.


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Change primary key attribute in model by using

set_primary_key :col_name

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Awesome, thanks for that! –  andy Jan 15 '13 at 12:03

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