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I am having a problem in ASP.NET to style buttons like the Facebook Buttons, found here:

I tried using asp:Button with CssClass set, which works most of the time, except for the buttons that contain images, for example:

class="uibutton icon add"

If i use: Button then things look fine, however I can't connect to the C# code without using JavaScript to do the work.

I'm hoping there is something simple I am missing (I have tried using 'background' and 'background image' in CSS with no luck.

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try on asp:imagebutton –  Zia Jan 15 '13 at 12:35

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As there's only one element it should work. Could you post a JSFiddle?

Bootstrap suffers the same problem, and the only way (sort of) around it is by using a LinkButton as described here.

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Looking at the link provided, it seems you can't use the icons with an <input> tag, only with <button> or <a> tags. Fortunately, <asp:LinkButton> will act the same as an <asp:Button> on the server, but render as an <a> tag on the client.

So try using <asp:LinkButton CssClass="uibutton icon add" ... > and it should work fine.

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