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I'm working on a application utilizing Spree, I want to add essentially static pages to my application within the spree framework. For example I want to have a page that uses the layout I already have designed for Spree (including things such as search, user info etc) and lists two different categories of products within spree with links to them. I tried the spree-static-content extension but the current version seems to have a lot of bugs with the 1.3.1 version of spree and since it is 'static' as far as I understand I couldn't add ruby tags etc to the body content.

I'm not really sure how I would do this using deface and as far as I understand adding the pages and adding routes to a different controller would mean I couldn't use the current layout that retrieves information from the Spree controllers. I also tried simply adding a new definition for the page in the spree controller but this also didn't work and meant that I would have to use a static version of the controller files which would lead to problems when Spree was updated.

Does anyone know how to add new page views within the already existing Spree store?


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Its fairly easy to get your demands with Deface overrides. Just take a peek into default layout template spree_application.html.erb and do Deface's replace, insert_, whatever either with in-place code replacement/insertion or generate particular views and models if needed and write code to render them. This way you can fully customize the layout while keeping&using the default Spree's code.

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Deface only modifies existing views. The poster wants to add new views. – Binary Phile Jan 16 '13 at 14:23

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