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I need to cancel all pending PageMethod calls before making another one, but I'm having trouble getting a handle on the requests. I was hoping I could have done something like the following:

var pm = PageMethods.Test(123);
var ex = pm.get_executor();

However, the PageMethods call does not return a handle to the request, and if you look at the dynamically generated javascript for the call...

PageMethods.Test= function(id,onSuccess,onFailed,userContext) {
PageMethods._staticInstance.Test(id,onSuccess,onFailed,userContext); } can see that there is no return statement, herein is the problem. If I override that declaration with the following:

PageMethods.Test = function(id, onSuccess, onFailed, userContext) {
return PageMethods._staticInstance.Test(id, onSuccess, onFailed, userContext); }

I can then do the following:

var pm = PageMethods.Test(123, function()
}, function(err)

var ex = pm.get_executor();

But I don't want to override each page method as I have done above, and what I really want to do is something like PageMethods.cancelAllPending() but that doesn't exist, at least if each PageMethods call were to return the request I could keep track of them myself and cancel them, but it doesn't!

And no, I'm not, and can't use jQuery (or any other javascript library!).

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Really! 2 days and no answers. At all! Am I really that close to the cutting edge here?! :) – MadSkunk Jan 18 '13 at 10:01

Refer this Link

This will Really Help you

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+1 Thanks for that, it's helpful, if not perfect... – MadSkunk Feb 15 '13 at 11:44

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