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I've got a report which includes a column called Capacity and want to return "" if the result of the above textbox value is the same as the one in the current textbox.


Country      Capacity        Date
USA           100            01/01/2013
              100            08/01/2013
              100            15/01/2013
              100            22/01/2013

So in this case I would want to show the first row with the Capacity of 100 and the rest just blank rows as the capacity is the same, is there a way to do this in SSRS 2008 as I don't want to alter the SQL?


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You can use the PREVIOUS function (see doku ):

For the Textbox text use an expression to compare the current capacity value to the previous capacity value; if the values are the same display "".

=IIF(Previous(Fields!FieldName.Value) <> Fields!FieldName.Value, 
     Fields!FieldName.Value, "")
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+1 Perfect, just updated your answer with code. – eestein Jan 15 '13 at 12:37
Worked a treat! Thanks! – DtotheG Jan 15 '13 at 13:42

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