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This may sound a basic question... But I am new to concept of load balancing and had few questions.

Scenario - I have 3 Tomcat 7 servers which I want to be load balanced. I read few articles and saw that using Apache HTTP Server one can do this. There exists a worker.properties file which needs to be defined with the servers you would like to load balance. Now the problem is that this needs to be done before I start the Apache HTTP Server. Problem - What if I want to add few more Tomcat Servers dynamically without restarting the Apache HTTP Server. Is this possible ?

Regards Ajax

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I spot an interesting article about Tomcat & PAAS: http://www.devx.com/Java/Article/48086

You will probably find what you need in the article. It describes the mechanism to register / unregister a new node in the cluster.


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If we are working on a cloud, can I do it via the cloud interface like Juju? –  JavaTechnical Dec 9 '14 at 9:36

Apache HTTPD 2.4 supports dynamic reconfiguration of the load balancer. But use the load-balancer proxy module for this, not mod_jk.

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