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I am using spree 1.3.1 and Devise gem for authentication and i need to add a user_role called as "partner" who can see orders in admin area but can't create/edit/update/delete any of the orders.

Thanks in advance

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what else have you tried and where are you getting problem in roles based views? –  My God Jan 15 '13 at 13:18
i followed this link s182.codeinspot.com/q/1784296 –  shail85 Jan 15 '13 at 13:23

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Having app/models/partner_ability.rb file.

Then use the following role based read permissions for role partner -

class PartnerAbility
  include CanCan::Ability

  def initialize(user)
    user ||= User.new
    if user.has_role? "partner"
      can :read, Product

Also add the following after that to config/initializers/spree.rb -

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i have already tried this but this can't give access to the admin area where user(partner) can see all orders. Actually i want to give him access for localhost/admin/orders index page –  shail85 Jan 16 '13 at 5:20
In db/seed.rb file we can directly add admin user in spree..

for example 


user1 = User.create! :title => 'Mr', :first_name => 'Jack', :last_name => 'Jackson', :email => 'jack@g.com', :password => '123qwe', :password_confirmation => '123qwe', :phone => '123452345'
puts 'New user created: ' << user1.first_name

user2 = User.create! :title => 'Mr', :first_name => 'Sev', :last_name => 'Raj', :email => 'sa@g.com', :password => '123qwe', :password_confirmation => '123qwe', :phone => '123452345'
puts 'New user created: ' << user2.first_name

puts 'New user created: ' << user4.first_name

user2.add_role :admin
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