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I have a table with figures like this

Report used                  UserID

 1                             2

 1                             2

 1                             2

 2                             2

In this case I'm looking to count the 1's in the 'Report used' column, which would give me the value 3. I might find a few of these in this column for different users, so I'd want to count how many times I found 3 1's.

I've tried using SELECT COUNT to count specific numbers but I'm not sure how to count this count, if you follow me.

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Your question isn't very clear. Can you show exactly what the expected result should look like? –  Mark Byers Jan 15 '13 at 13:16
So here the result would be 3 because the figure '1' is present three times in the report used column. Imagine there are several instances where there are 3 "1's" in the report used column for different users. I want to make a count of these instances. –  blarg Jan 15 '13 at 13:20
It's still not very clear to me... for the specific example data you have posted the expected result is 1, right? –  Mark Byers Jan 15 '13 at 13:34

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Try this:

SELECT userid, COUNT(reportused) onescount 
FROM tablename 
WHERE reportused = 1
GROUP BY userid

Also check this:

FROM (SELECT userid, COUNT(reportused) onescount 
      FROM tablename 
      WHERE reportused = 1
      GROUP BY userid) a 
WHERE onescount = 3
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If I've got it right:

select Report_used,RU_count,count(*) 
(select Report_used, UserID, count(*) RU_Count 
    from t 
    group by Report_used, UserID) t1
group by Report_used,RU_count;
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