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Hi I am trying to create a responsive layout where I have three different size elements and I want an equal margin on both sides of middle element for all screens.

Here is my HTML and CSS

<section class="container">
    <div href="/" class="pull-left logo"><img src="/images/logo.jpg"></a>
    <div class="slogan pull-left"><img src="/images/slogan.jpg"></div>
    <div class="pull-left support"></div>

  margin: 0 17%;

Since logo and support sections are of fixed size. Above Css works fine for one resolution but as screen size goes down the margin doesn't remain same.

Any ideas how to achieve that?

EDIT: Here is the fiddle. http://jsfiddle.net/VdYua/22/ Initially there is an equal margin on both side of .slogan div. But on re size last div goes to next line. I want the margin to be decreased without braking layout.

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how should the margin remain the same size when you use %? If you want a static margin independent from size change of the viewport you must use a unit like point, pixel, pica,... –  Sven Bieder Jan 15 '13 at 13:22
I want margin to be same on both side of class="slogan".It can vary for different screen resolutions. –  Sanjeev Jan 15 '13 at 13:29
Give width to your .slogan div –  Morpheus Jan 15 '13 at 13:50
If you can provide a jsFiddle of the problem it would also be helpful. –  Lucas Lazaro Jan 15 '13 at 13:57
@LucasLazaro: updated with a fiddle –  Sanjeev Jan 15 '13 at 14:58

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Are you looking for something like this?


<div class="centered">This is some content in the centered DIV</div>


.centered { background: #888; margin: 0 auto; width: 50%; }

Using margin: 0 auto will center the elements horizontally, meaning that it will have "Equal margin on both sides"

You do have to set a width on elements when using the above method, but as shown you can use percentage widths (as I image you may well be for a responsive layout)

You cannot however use this technique on floated elements, so you may be looking to add something like this to your CSS:

.container { margin: 0 auto; width: 50%; }

If I have misunderstood your question please let me know.

EDIT: In response to the comment below I think I have managed to achieve what you're looking for, see this fiddle


<section class="header">

  <div href="/" class="logo"><img src="/images/logo.jpg" /></div>

  <div class="slogan"><img src="/images/slogan.jpg" /></div>

  <div class="support"></div>



.header { padding: 0 50px 0 300px; position: relative; }

.logo, .support { background: red; height: 50px; position: absolute; top: 0; }
.support { background: blue; right: 0; width: 50px; }
.logo { left: 0; width: 300px; }

.slogan { background: black; height: 50px; margin: 0 auto; width: 50px; }

The positioning/padding aspect of things isn't particularly pretty (if the width of .support or .logo change, you have to change that in the css) however I think this is the only safe way of doing it with pure HTML/CSS in a cross browser way (I'd be interested to see anyone elses take on it though), the important this is that it works and is completely valid.

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Please see jsfiddle.net/VdYua/21 –  Sanjeev Jan 15 '13 at 14:21
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, I've amended my answer, please see the above and let me know if you need more help. –  Sean Dunwoody Jan 17 '13 at 13:40
Thanks for your response. It worked perfect on chrome and Firefox but margin: 0 auto; doesn't work on IE8. –  Sanjeev Jan 18 '13 at 9:50
This is because of your use of the section element which IE8 and below don't support, look into using a HTML5 Shiv (which makes them work in IE8) or change the section element into a div element (I would recommend the latter) –  Sean Dunwoody Jan 18 '13 at 11:07
I changed it to div and it worked. Thank you so much. –  Sanjeev Jan 18 '13 at 11:16

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