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I have recently asked a question here where I asked how to reference a String object in the mule registry from a Mule Flow. That has been successfully answered my current problem is that I cannot populate this in the registry before the flow is initialized.

Thus in the following segment (password="#app.registry['password']]) null is always used and my connection fails:

<sfdc:config name="ConfigurableSalesforceConnection"username="${sfdc.username}"password="#app.registry['password']]"securityToken="${sfdc.securityToken}"doc:name="Salesforce" url="${sfdc.url}" />

Amongst other things I have added a listener to my flow, but this adds the value too late and the flow has already been initialized.

    <notification event="CONTEXT"/>
    <notification-listener ref="Initializer"/>
    <spring:bean id="Initializer" name="Initializer"
        class="initializer.InitAccountSync" />

My question consists of two parts, firstly is there a way to fore the reinitialization of a flow after start-up, and/or how can I store a value in the mule-context registry before said initialization?

Thanks in advance.

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The registry is shared with Spring, you can register some java.lang.String beans using SpEL or a MethodInvokingFactoryBean.

However, for this case, if you are not retrieving it outside mule, what I would recommend is leverage jasypt.

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I've suggested Jasypt on the other thread: that is the way to go IMO, instead of messing around with the registry. –  David Dossot Jan 15 '13 at 16:08
@DavidDossot I agree, I think I have wasted enough time on the other approach. Thanks for the links. –  The waaghalsige skoenveter Jan 16 '13 at 9:05

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