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In my mvc 3 app I want to track SQL code that is generated by Linq To Sql. I want to write it in a file. Here is what I do:

web.config changes:

<trace autoflush="true" indentsize="4">
    <add name="myListener" 
         initializeData="LogLinqToSql.log" />
    <remove name="Default" />

I created a class that should help with writing into file (just found it in one tutorial):

public class LogLinqToSql : TextWriter
    public override void Write(string value)
    public override void Write(char[] buffer, int index, int count)
        Debug.Write(new String(buffer, index, count));
    public override System.Text.Encoding Encoding
        get { return System.Text.Encoding.UTF8; }

And the changes in StoreController action method Content that is used to get items from repository and that uses a viewmodel (mabby because of it my code doesn't work):

#define TRACE 

public ViewResult Content(string category, int page = 1)
    var context = new WebStoreDataContext();

     Trace.WriteLine("StoreController.Content BEGINS");
     context.Log = Console.Out;

     var model = new StoreContentViewModel
                Items = _itemsRepository.GetItems()
                             .Where(i => category == null || (i.Product != null && i.Product.Category == category))
                             .OrderBy(i => i.ItemId)
                             .Skip((page - 1) * PageSize)

                // initializing other properties

        context.Log = new LogLinqToSql();
        Trace.WriteLine("StoreController.Content ENDS");

        return View(model);         

Only "BEGIN" and "END" lines appeare in the .log file.

So, am I doing something completely wrong and there is another approach to write logging information into file or I just need to fix some part???

Thanks for help in advance!


Also tried this in action method:

context.Log = new StreamWriter(@"C:\Users\Aleksey\repos\2\WebStore\WebStore\LogLinqToSql.log");  

But I get an IOException: The process can not get access to this file cause this file is already used by other process.

Here is the same question

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I just needed to put context.Log into data model class where the actual query is created. Here is the method from ItemsRepository class:

public IEnumerable<Item> GetItems(string category)
        // writing info into Trace file
        _dataContext.Log = Console.Out;

        var result = _dataContext.Items.Where(
            i => category == null || (i.Product != null && i.Product.Category == category))
                                 .OrderBy(i => i.ItemId);

        _dataContext.Log = new LogLinqToSql();
        return result;
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