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I am trying to create a value that can be called from a data source, this value will determine what another variable receives. That sounds confusing, but basically I want my variable to be set to either of the following values (depending on what the data source says):

variable = variableValue/2;


variabel = 0;

variableValue is a property that can be changed dynamically. Anyway how can I use a boolean or int value coming from my data source to select either one of the options above. Do I make an enum?

I'm sure there is a simple solution, but it's escaping me. Thanks for reading!

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I don't understand your question completely but can't you check that with an if construction?

bool test = YES;

if(test == YES)
    // select 1
    // select 2
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Thanks. Yes that would work great. Only problem is I have several instances of this value that needs to be assigned. So it would be cleaner if it were like an array and I chose either value from the array by index. – Mrwolfy Jan 15 '13 at 13:39
dictionary will be better than array. – Anoop Vaidya Jan 15 '13 at 13:49

If it is a constant value, then use a constant.

#define kVariableValue           123


static int variableValue = 123;
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