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I want to search for center the location in my Android application,

I am using Android Google Maps v2.

I know that I can get the lat and long for screen top, left after using Projection.fromScreenLocation, but how can I determine the center location?

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try to use googleMap.getCameraPosition().target

for more info see

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Mr.Lee, Korean.

First, you will have to read this Android official guide

Second, please get the sample code refered to that document above from Here in the Android Guide

Third, You can find what you want to know in the sample code as follows;

private void setUpMap() {
    mMap.setMyLocationEnabled(true); // if "false", MyLocation Button disappears.


Finally, please read this good tutorial and you will get a good help.

For more information about Google Maps API ve, please contact me who live in Seoul.

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