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Pylint keeps reporting error (R: 73,0:MyLogging: Too many public methods (22/20)) for the following code:

class MyLogging(logging.Logger):
    def foo(self):
    def bar(self):

At first I thought it's a bug in Pylint since MyLogging class had exactly 22 lines of code, but than I realized, that it's including all public methods from the base class logging.Logger as well, which adds 20 to the stats.

Do you know if it's possible to exclude base classes public methods from Pylint statistics?

PS. I'm aware I can change max-public-methods to higher number, or add one time exception with # pylint: disable=R0904

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There are ways but none of them are good.

This is not configurable: you can check the code in pylint design_analysis.MisdesignChecker, within def leave_class:

     for method in node.methods():
        if not'_'):
            nb_public_methods += 1

The above code simply iterates over all methods not starting with "_" and counts them as public methods.

Consequently, I see two ways to do what you want to do:

1) fork pylint and modify this method:

     for method in node.methods():
        if not'_') and method.parent == node:
            nb_public_methods += 1

method.parent - the class node where this function is defined; also in your leave_class function you have a parameter node - which is the class node.

Comparing them you can understand if it is the current class or not.

2) disable this rule in the pylint config and create you own plugin:

class PublicMethodsChecker(BaseChecker):
    __implements__ = (IASTNGChecker,)

    name = 'custom-public-methods-checker'

    msgs = {
        "C1002": ('Too many public methods (%s/%s)',
              'Used when class has too many public methods, try to reduce \
               this to get a more simple (and so easier to use) class.'),

    def leave_class(self, node):
        """check number of public methods"""
        nb_public_methods = 0
        print type(node)
        for method in node.methods():
            if not'_') and method.parent == node:
                nb_public_methods += 1
        if nb_public_methods > MAX_NUMBER_PUBLIC_METHODS:
                         args=(nb_public_methods, MAX_NUMBER_PUBLIC_METHODS))

basically this implementation is the slightly modified excerpt of design_analysis.MisdesignChecker from the pylint source code.

For more information about plugins:, and in the pylint source code.

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Thanks for your reply. Temporarily I have increased the max number of public methods. I might implement the plug-in idea, when the project is more mature and more devs will work with it. – Jovik Jan 24 '13 at 14:30
Pylint plugin section is a good reference too. – Varun Katta Jun 5 '14 at 17:25

There is currently no configuration in pylint allowing to ignore parent methods. You may do what Romanl is suggesting to by pass the problem until the issue I've created for your pb is resolved upstream (

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