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If I create a Here document:

myheredoc = <<HTMLOUTPUT
<div>This is the div</div>

Can I use 'myheredoc' to manipulate this Here document like a regular string?

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Sure can. The syntax is there to make it easier to read, you are still just creating a string.

>> myheredoc = <<HTMLOUTPUT
<div>This is the div</div>
=> "<div>This is the div</div>\n"
>> myheredoc << "<p>some paragraph</p>"
=> "<div>This is the div</div>\n<p>some paragraph</p>"
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heredoc is just a syntax for generating a string. Therefore you can use all standard string methods. eg:

replaceddoc = myheredoc.gsub(/div/, 'replaced div')
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There are a number of ways of declaring strings:

  • Unescaped: 'foo' or %q[foo] or here-doc style <<MARKER
  • Escaped: "foo" or %Q[foo] or here-doc style <<"MARKER"

In all cases the strings are editable, not frozen, so yes, they can be modified after the fact.

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