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I have searched everywhere and read the official doc of Google. But I still don't see the difference between them.

When should we use ProgressBar and when should we use ProgressDialog?

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ProgressBar is a widget (like TextView, Button, etc..), which can be used in your layout to show some progress.

ProgressDialog is something like dialog with 'built-in' ProgressBar. Dialog is used to make user wait while something is being computed. ProgressDialog makes it easier to show progress of your computation in dialog.

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The ProgressBar is a View, ProgressDialog is a Dialog.

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When your iterations is countable (doing operations in loop, executing code x times etc.) use ProgressBar, if task is not countable status (like invoking web service) use ProgressDialog

From the android documentation

ProgressBar:Visual indicator of progress in some operation. Displays a bar to the user representing how far the operation has progressed; the application can change the amount of progress (modifying the length of the bar) as it moves forward. There is also a secondary progress displayable on a progress bar which is useful for displaying intermediate progress, such as the buffer level during a streaming playback progress bar.

ProgressDialog:A dialog showing a progress indicator and an optional text message or view. Only a text message or a view can be used at the same time.

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In addition to the differences pointed out in the rest of answers, you should take into account the following recommendation from Dialogs @ Android Developer:

Avoid ProgressDialog

Android includes another dialog class called ProgressDialog that shows a dialog with a progress bar. However, if you need to indicate loading or indeterminate progress, you should instead follow the design guidelines for Progress & Activity and use a ProgressBar in your layout.

It may be also usefull to consider the following answers:

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